Vigilant Handwashing

One thing for sure that the coronavirus health crisis has taught us, is the importance of washing our hands. Consistent handwashing kills germs and helps prevent the spread of disease. So, let’s review again proper handwashing techniques.

Be sure to wash your hands before and after you prepare food, before you eat, after using the bathroom, before and after assisting someone who is ill, and after you visit public places. Consider carrying hand sanitizer with you; it can serve as a back-up if you are unable to have a water source.

Only touch your face and eyes with clean hands. Be sure to always practice proper hand hygiene so your family can stay healthy!

  1. Wet your hands with clean, warm, running water, and apply soap.
  2. Lather your hands by rubbing them together with the soap. Lather the backs of your hands, between your fingers, and under your nails. Don’t forget your thumbs and wrists!
  3. Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds. Need a timer? Sing “Happy Birthday” from beginning to end twice.
  4. Rinse your hands well under clean, running water.
  5. Dry your hands using a clean towel or air dry them.

Every day as we go about our daily routines, keep this very basic practice in mind. This is a reminder to be vigilant about hand washing so it becomes a habit and not so hard to remember to do.

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