Acoustic Wave Therapy for Recovery from Injury
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Acoustic Wave Therapy in Rockford, IL: Redefine Wellness of Rockford
Treat Pain & Accelerate the Healing Process with Acoustic Wave Therapy

Acupuncture in Rockford, IL

Acoustic wave therapy in Rockford, IL: Acoustic wave therapy utilizes a non-invasive probe that is applied to the patient’s skin. An electrical charge creates an energy wave which is focused on the area of injury. The acoustic waves create a force on the tissues which can induce healing.

Acoustic waves alter the mechanical, electrical and thermal properties of solids and, thus, have recently been found to aid in the healing process within the body.

Acoustic wave therapy vs. ultrasound & laser treatments

Where ultrasound therapy utilizes one continuous wave to promote deep healing within the damaged soft tissues of the body, acoustic wave therapy uses several continuous sound waves or acoustic pulses.

Laser therapy is a type of treatment that uses intense beams of light. Acoustic wave therapy uses sound waves (or acoustic pulses) instead. These are pressure waves similar in nature to thunder and lightning or an airplane breaking the sound barrier.

Acoustic Wave Therapy Treatments

Clinical benefits of acoustic wave therapy

Many physicians who utilize acoustic wave therapy on their patients have reported post-treatment results such as:

  • Relaxation of muscle and connective tissue
  • Improved microcirculation
  • Noticeably elevated stimulation across the injured area
  • Acceleration of metabolic activity
  • Heightened neurovascular performance
  • Increased serotonin hormone release
  • Significant stress reduction as a result of lowered cortisol levels
  • Overall revitalization following a patient’s completed course of treatment

Acoustic wave therapy at Redefine Wellness of Rockford

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